Insurance & Billing

Q. What is an EOB (Explanation of Benefits)?

That is the statement provided to the patient from an insurance company describing the action taken on a claim.

Q. What is a co-payment?

That is the amount payable by the patient as specified by their insurance policy—a sharing of costs, so to speak.

Q. What is a deductible?

That is the amount indicated in your insurance policy payable by you before benefit payments begin.

Q. Do you participate with my insurance?

Delaney will file with any insurance company, however, you may want to contact your insurance provider to discuss in-network coverage, deductibles and coverage details. For further coverage information, please call the 800 number located on the back of your insurance card.

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Q. Do you offer discounts?

We offer a discount for all self pay patients (or all patients with no insurance) if paid during the first statement.

Where do I mail payments for services rendered?
Delaney Radiologists Group
PO Box 63050
Charlotte, NC 28263-3050

Delaney Radiologists PA
PO Box 63032
Charlotte, NC 28263-3032

Q. I was a patient at my local hospital and I received a bill from Delaney Radiologists. Why?

The hospital billed you for their part of their services including the use of their equipment (technical component) and Delaney Radiologists billed you for the radiologist’s reading of the x-ray or performance of a procedure (professional component).

Each time you are seen as a patient, that is considered a separate occurrence, thus a separate bill is generated for each occurrence.

Q. Will Medicare pay for my screening mammogram?

Yes, once every twelve months.

Q. My insurance didn’t pay for my mammogram, because it was billed as diagnostic. My insurance only pays screening mammograms. Can’t you just bill it as screening mammogram?

We can only bill for a screening mammogram if you are not having any symptoms.

Q. Medicare paid for my bone density exam last year, why not this year?

Medicare will only pay for one bone density exam every two years, and only if it is a covered diagnosis.

Q. I have already satisfied my deductible, but I received a bill. Why?

After verification of all personal and insurance information, the patient would be advised to contact their insurance company to see if the claim was properly processed.

Q. May I pay my bill over the telephone with my credit card?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Care Credit. You may also mail in your credit card information for payment.

Q. What if I can’t pay my bill in its entirety?

We will be happy to help you set up a monthly payment plan.

Q. I have overpaid on my account with my credit card. Will I receive a refund check, or will I receive a credit on my credit card?

A refund check will be issued to you, or we can credit your credit card account if you desire.

Q. When should I expect my refund?

Refunds are issued twice a month. It usually takes about 30 days from the date that we receive the overpayment until the check is issued and mailed.

Q. My auto insurance and my private insurance have both paid my account. Who will receive the refund?

Many insurance companies do not subrogate, therefore any overpayments would be issued directly to the patient. If the insurance company subrogates, the overpayment would be issued to the insurance company.

Q. Both my husband and I have coverage for our child. Which insurance would be primary?

Unless there is a court order to establish primary coverage, the date of birth rule would apply. The parent whose date of birth comes first would be considered primary.

Q. How can my account be in collections if I never received a statement from you?

It is possible that we did not have your correct address. If you were a patient at the hospital, we would have received the address that the hospital has for you in their information system. That information is provided to Delaney Radiologists via an electronic data transfer. If the hospital has incorrect information about you, we too will have incorrect information about you. Delaney Radiologists sends three billing statements, and then a final notice to all patient accounts. In addition, multiple telephone contacts are attempted. In the case of no response, or returned mail, we have no recourse other than sending the account to collections. In the case of returned mail, if you pay the collection account in full, this will be removed from your credit file at the credit bureau.

Q. I have been approved for the Charity Care Program at my local hospital. Do you honor that program?

Yes. However, only on hospital accounts. Call our office to find out if we participate with the particular hospital that has approved you for participation in this plan.

Q. Can I file Medicaid if I have other insurance?

Yes, but Medicaid is always secondary. If your primary pays as much as or more than Medicaid allows Medicaid will not make any additional payment.

Q. Can I file Medicaid if I was in an auto accident?

You should file your auto liability insurance.
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Paula Oathout, Executive Director